Licenses & Permits

  1. Birth Certificates

    Get a birth certificate.

  2. Building Permits

    Apply for a building permit.

  3. Burning Permits

    Get a burning permit in Grant County.

  4. Childcare Licensing

    Become a licensed childcare provider.

  5. Commercial Licenses

    Access information about commercial licenses.

  6. Death Certificates

    Find out about death certificates.

  7. Driving

    Find out how to get a driver's license.

  8. Foster Care

    Get licensed to provide foster care.

  9. Hunting & Fishing

    Find out how to get a hunting and/or fishing license.

  10. Marriage

    Get a marriage license.

  11. Mobile Home Moving

    Get a certificate for moving a mobile home.

  12. Overload Permits

    Apply for an overload permit.

  13. Passports

    Get a passport.

  14. Planning / Zoning

    Find out how to get planning and zoning permits.

  15. Septics

    Find out how to get a septic permit.