Child Abuse Prevention Council

Providing a Safe & Nurturing Environment
This work team of the Grant County Child and Youth Council serves as a state recognized Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) which strives to build community assets, educate the community on child neglect issues, and mobilize community members with the overall goal of providing a safe and nurturing environment for children and teens. Projects include: H.U.G. - Helping Us Grow - a universal home visiting program; the annual FUN Fest and Expo, co-sponsored with the Grant County Office of Emergency Management; and activities and events that help build family strengths and promote optimal child and youth development. All efforts of our CAPC are guided by the 5 Protective Factors of:

Concrete Support for Parents in Times of Need

Meeting basic economic needs like food, shelter, clothing and health care is essential for families to thrive. Likewise, when families encounter a crisis such as domestic violence, mental illness or substance abuse, adequate services and supports need to be in place to provide stability, treatment and help for family members to get through the crisis.

Parental Resilience
Recognizing the signs of stress can help parents build their capacity to cope and bounce back from all types of challenges.

Social Connections

Parents who have an extensive network of friends, family members, and neighbors have better support in times of need. These people can provide emotional support and concrete assistance when it is needed.

Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development
Accurate information about child development and appropriate expectations for a child's behavior at every age help parents see their children and youth in a positive light and promote their healthy development. Information can come from many sources, including family members as well as parent education classes and surfing the internet.

Helpful & Reliable Websites
A helpful website for parents on how to help their child have the healthiest childhood possible is Bright Futures (PDF). This site includes tips on nutrition, oral health, physical activity and mental health. Parents can click on "What to Expect and When To Seek Help" for each of the 4 stages of childhood: Infancy (PDF) (Ages: Birth - 12 months), Early Childhood (PDF) (Ages: 1-4 years), Middle Childhood (PDF) (Ages: 5-10), Adolescence (PDF) (Ages: 11-21 years). These fact sheets provide a "snapshot" of what to expect at each age level, ways to identify each child's strengths, and also tips for when, where and how to seek help.

Another useful website is MN Parents Know. This website is full of trusted parenting information, resources and activities to help a child grow, develop and learn from birth through high school.

Children's Social & Emotional Development
A child or youth's ability to interact positively with others, self-regulate their behavior and effectively communicate their feelings has a positive impact on their relationships with their family, other adults and peers. Challenging behaviors or delayed development create extra stress for families, so early identification and assistance for both parents and children can head off negative results and keep development on track.

Annual Radiothon
The Grant County CAPC participates in the annual Radiothon to End Child Abuse broadcast on KIKV Radio the 1st week in December. This Radiothon raises money for local efforts to strengthen families and reduce the likelihood of child neglect or abuse.

For CAPC meeting schedule contact Deb Hengel.