Children’s Mental Health Team

A Local Coordinating Council
Children’s Mental Health Team-(CMH) serves as a Local Coordinating Council. It works to increase awareness of child and adolescent mental health issues, build knowledge of the children’s mental health system and identify gaps in the system and solutions to those gaps.

Projects include a breakfast forum on the local system of care and presentations on mental illnesses and working in conjunction with the Grant County Local Advisory Council for Mental Health

For CMH meeting schedule contact Deb Hengel.

Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health
Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health (MACMH) has developed a series of Children's Mental Health Fact Sheets which provide clear and concise descriptions of 15 mental health disorders that may occur in children during the school-age years. They list the most common symptoms and behaviors associated with the disorders, describe the educational implications, and provide educators with suggestions for effective instructional strategies and classroom accommodations.

Early Childhood Mental Health Fact Sheets

MACMH has also developed a series of Early Childhood / Preschool Mental Health Fact Sheets that provide information on topics parents may have concerns about regarding their young child's social-emotional development.