Agricultural Inspector

Commercial Applicator Testing
The Grant County Office of Land Management provides the location for Commercial Applicator Testing. By calling the office, a scheduled test time will be confirmed. Usual testing times are either 9 a.m. or 1 p.m.

The tests are sent to the Department of Agriculture once completed. The Department of Agriculture will then notify the applicant of the results. Study materials for the tests are available through the University of Minnesota bookstore. 

Seed Inspection
The Grant County Ag Inspector participates in the collection of seed samples, in order to comply with MN Seed Law.

Weed Complaints
Please follow the steps below to file a weed complaint:
  1. Contact Township Supervisor
  2. If Township needs assistance resolving weed issue, contact Grant County Ag Inspector
  3. Verbal or written notice is given to landowner
  4. A timeline is given to remove noxious weeds
  5. If noxious weeds are not taken care of by the land owner, the County will then proceed to eradicate them with the expense being assessed to the property