Tax Forfeiture Properties(For Immediate Sale)


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that parcels described in the Lists of Tax-Forfeited Land #15-02 that are contained herein shall be offered for public sale.  The sale is governed by the provisions of Minn. Stat. § 282.01 and by the resolution of the Grant County Board of Commissioners authorizing such sale.  The resolution reads as follows:

BE IT RESOLVED, that all parcels of tax-forfeited land listed on the Lists of Tax-Forfeited Land #15-02 be classified as non-conservation land; that the basic sale price of each parcel on Lists of Tax-Forfeited Land #15-02, that is on file with County Auditor, be approved and authorization for a public sale of this land be granted, pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 282.01; and that all sales shall be full payment in accordance to the terms and conditions set forth on the Lists of Tax-Forfeited Land #15-02.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the conditions and terms of the public sale shall be as described in the list contained here-in and approved by the Grant County Board of Commissioners.

Information about the sale of tax-forfeited land in Grant County can be obtained at the office of County Treasurer, Grant County Courthouse, 10 2nd Street NE, Elbow Lake, Minnesota, 56531.  Telephone:  (218) 685-8251.

PARCEL# 03-0090-000 : Peterson Lake in Elk Lake Township is not  on this sale.  Due to the amount of lake shore, this property will need to  have special legislation passed to allow for the County to auction it off.