Grant County Courthouse

The 􀀃Grant 􀀃County􀀃 Courthouse is 􀀃located 􀀃in 􀀃Elbow 􀀃Lake.􀀃􀀃  The 􀀃Beaux􀀃 Arts􀀃 style 􀀃building􀀃 was􀀃 designed 􀀃by 􀀃Minneapolis􀀃
architects􀀃 Bell 􀀃and􀀃 Detweiler􀀃 and 􀀃built􀀃 in 􀀃1905􀍲1906 􀀃by􀀃 Prince􀀃 Construction􀀃 Company 􀀃of􀀃
The 􀀃courthouse 􀀃was 􀀃listed 􀀃on 􀀃the􀀃 National 􀀃Register of Historic􀀃 Places 􀀃in 􀀃1985.􀀃􀀃  It􀀃 retains􀀃
excellent􀀃 historic integrity on 􀀃both 􀀃the􀀃 exterior 􀀃and􀀃 interior.  􀀃􀀃It 􀀃is􀀃 the 􀀃largest􀀃 historic 􀀃building􀀃 in􀀃
Grant 􀀃County􀀃 and􀀃 one of􀀃 the 􀀃county’s 􀀃most 􀀃important cultural 􀀃resources.􀀃􀀃 The􀀃 National􀀃
Register􀍲listed 􀀃property includes 􀀃the 􀀃entire􀀃 courthouse 􀀃grounds, 􀀃a􀀃 rectangular 􀀃five􀍲acre 􀀃parcel􀀃
on the􀀃 wooded shore􀀃 of􀀃 Flekkefjord 􀀃or􀀃 Worm􀀃 Lake.􀀃(Gemini Research, Morris MN)
092712 Grant County 52d