Child Support Enforcement Services

Parental Support
Every child needs financial and emotional support. Every child has the right to this support from both parents. Devoted parents can be a loving and supporting force in a child’s life.

Even when parents do not live together, they need to work together to support their child. Without the involvement of both parents, too many children don’t get the chance they need and deserve to reach their full potential.

Child Support Enforcement Program
The child support enforcement program helps parents establish a financial partnership. Minnesota’s Department of Human Services Child Support Enforcement Division supervises the child support program. County child support offices administer the program.

An important goal of the child support program is to help families work toward becoming or remaining self-sufficient through improved child support collections. By working with both parents to establish and enforce support orders, Minnesota’s Child Support Program helps children receive the financial support, medical support, and child care support they deserve.
MInnesota Child Support web calculator is a tool to estimate your child support payment or what to anticipate your support to be.