Grant County Sheriff’s Dept.

10 2nd Street NE
Elbow Lake, MN 56531
Phone: 218-685-8280
Fax: 218-685-5319
Hours of Operation: 24 hours per day 7 days a week

Mission :

It is the Sheriff’s Department’s goal to provide a safe and crime free atmosphere . It is also the goal to protect the public and their property.


The Sheriff’s Dept. is responsible for answering calls, operating the enhanced 911 telephone and radio service, court security, prisoner transport, civil process, investigation, central records keeping and water safety.


Can I get a permit to carry a handgun in public?

• Must have handgun training certificate
• $100 fee for a five year permit
• Must be eligible to possess a firearm

What are your Civil Process fees?

Attempt to Serve Not Found: $20.00 + Mileage
Cancellation Contract for Deed: $35.00 + Mileage
Evictions: Hourly Deputy rate + Mileage
Harassment Orders: No Charge
Mileage: $ .55
Mortgage Foreclosure Redemption: 1%, Maximum $250.00

Mortgage Foreclosure Sale: $50.00
Posting 3 Sale Notices: $35.00

Protection Orders: No Charge
Quiet Title Action: $35.00
Removal of Property & Seizures: Hourly Deputy rate + Mileage

Report of Sale & Certificate: $20.00
Returning an Execution Unsatisfied: $35.00 + Mileage
Service of Summons: $35.00 + Mileage
Writ of Execution Commission: 6%
Writ of Execution: $35.00 + Mileage

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