The Assessor’s Office is responsible for maintaining the estimated market value and classification of all taxable real and personal property in the County for property tax purposes. Every 6th year the office also values all of the tax exempt properties in the County.

Values & Classification of Properties

Values and classifications of properties are established as of January 2 of each year. Notices are mailed to each property owner in the spring of each year advising the owner of the current property value and classification as well as the process to appeal if the owner disagrees. 
The 23 jurisdictions in Grant County are assessed by two staff appraisers as well as the County Assessor.  Contact our office to determine who viewed and valued your property.

Assessors Statement for Pelican Lake 2022

Pelican Lake Assessment Statement

Assessors Statement for PDT Lake 2022

PDT Assessment Statement

Classification Application Forms

There are various classification application forms available in our office:

  • Homestead - Residential, Agricultural, Relative Residential, Relative Agricultural, Trusts
  • Blind or Disabled Special Classification
  • Special Agricultural - Actively Engaged in Farming
  • Property Tax Exemption


The Assessor’s Office also:

  • Calculates estimate of property taxes
  • Conducts property tax splits, property ownership splits and combinations, and transfer of ownership on tax records
  • Houses previous years estimates of values
  • Maintains the property descriptions, taxpayer addresses and property addresses
  • Processes all Certificates of Real Estate Values