The County Auditor is responsible for the administration of accounting functions such as:

  • Acting as the chief county election official to maintain voter registration, prepare ballots, distribute election supplies, hold election training, administer absentee voting requests and procedures, receive and tally election results and file with Secretary of State after conducting canvassing of election results

  • Collecting delinquent taxes, processes tax forfeitures, and confessions of judgments

  • Completing and submitting a variety of forms and reports required by state agencies

  • Gathering tax levies from other units of government for calculation of real estate taxes and special assessments

  • Maintaining a financial system for balancing with County Treasurer

  • Maintaining the county ditch records, ledger and assessments

  • Preparing tax settlements for distribution

  • Processing checks for payment for most county transactions

  • Processing payroll

  • Providing receipts for miscellaneous collections

  • Schedules Board of Commissioners meetings and hearings and maintains minutes. Assists with county budgets and tax levy

  • Signing transfer deeds and mortgages before they are filed with recorder

  • Certifying and preparing tax increments