Emergency Management

What is Emergency Management?
The integration of all activities necessary to build, sustain, and improve countywide capabilities to prevent, protect, and mitigate the effects of hazards, respond to emergencies, and effectively recover from disaster - through a continuous cycle of planning, training, exercising, and making improvements.

Responsibilities to the County
Grant County Emergency Management is responsible for all emergency management related activities including preparing for, mitigating, responding to, and recovering from disasters. 

Emergency Management is also responsible for the development of county and community-based plans and programs to maintain a state of readiness to meet natural, human-made, and technological disasters on a local or countywide basis. Emergency Management coordinates and maintains inventories of disaster resources in the county – both public and private – as well as plans for the effective utilization of resources in the county. 

These are accomplished through the coordination with and assistance from federal and state agencies, county departments, cities, community organizations, private industry, and volunteers.

Types of Emergencies & Disasters

There are many types of emergencies and disasters that could potentially affect Grant County. 

  • Major Power Outage
  • Summer / Winter Storms
  • Infectious Disease
  • Fire / Wildfire
  • Tornado / Straight Line Wind
  • Water Supply Contamination
  • Flood / Flash Floods
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Agricultural Disease
  • And many more