Services and Responsibilities

 The Highway Department is responsible for 460 miles of roadways under its jurisdiction of which 170 miles are bituminous surfaced and 290 miles gravel surfaced and 22 bridges. The Department employs 16 persons for administration, maintenance, and construction. Some specific duties within the Department include the following:

  • Planning, designing, inspecting, and construction of all road and bridge projects.
  • Preparation of 5-year plan outlining proposed road and bridge projects.
  • Acquiring of necessary Right of Way and easements.
  • Administration of construction contracts and maintenance projects with Department budget of $5.5 million.
  • Annual Inspections of township and county bridges.
  • Snow and ice removal on bituminous and gravel roads.
  • Annual Dust Control
  • Maintenance and repair of County vehicles and equipment.
  • Mowing and maintenance of County road ditches
  • Assisting Townships and Cities with design and maintenance projects.
  • County Ditch inspection, maintenance, and repair

Bid Proposals 

Grant County Highway utilizes the RtVision OneOffice (formerly eGram), bidVAULT and State Aid eAdvert sites for bid proposals.
RtVision OneOffice (formerly eGram)
Electronic Bidders Guide
State Aid eAdvert