Grant County Treasurer

                                         Jamie Kruize



Duties of the Grant County Treasurer are to keep a full and accurate account of all money received and paid out, pay out money as directed by law or the proper authority, invest excess county funds in order to receive the highest and safest return for the county, provide information as requested by state agencies, the general public, and other county personnel, maintain and balance the cashbook, prepare and deposit county funds and account transfers, maintain sufficient liquidity to cover disbursements, ensure appropriate and sufficient collateral is pledged, and maintain a principal/interest earned record on investments and securities, mail TNT notices and tax statements, accept payment for current or delinquent real estate, personal property, agriculture property, mineral interest, and mobile home taxes, distribute county payroll, auditor warrants, and commissioner warrants, and issue birth and death certificates.


                       PROPERTY TAX DEADLINES:


First-half of real estate property taxes due (except for class 1c or 4c seasonal commercial and some class 3a commercial property which have until May 31).

AUGUST 31st, 2023: 

First half of personal property tax on mobile homes are due.

OCTOBER 16th, 2023:

Second half of personal property and real estate taxes unless part of the parcel is classified 2a agricultural land.

NOVEMBER 15th, 2023

Second half of mobile home tax and agricultural land tax.