Marriage Documents

Marriage Licenses

We issue Marriage License and record the Marriage Certificate and issue certified copies of Marriages issued in Grant County.

Application Requirements

Applicants (both) must apply in person and present valid picture ID.  (Please contact Recorders office if only one can be present.)  Both applicants must be 18 years of age.  Applications are to be done on line at and complete the form before coming into the office. A picture ID is still required.
The State of Minnesota no longer requires a waiting period after you apply for the license before the ceremony can be performed, however the Recorder's office would like 2 days to get the paperwork done. The license is valid for 6 months. The license is to be picked up at the office after the 2 day waiting period and before the ceremony takes place. The ceremony must take place within the State of Minnesota.


Fees are $115 for a Marriage License and $40 for Reduced Fee Marriage License ( State requirements must be met).

Information Requirements

  • Information on previous marriage, how terminated, the date, city, state and county of termination must be provided
  • A permanent address will be needed to mail the Certified Marriage Certificate to the couple after the ceremony
  • The name change(s) will need to be filled in on the application

Certified Marriage Certificate

The Certified Marriage Certificate will be mailed back to the couple after we receive the Marriage Certificate  from the person performing the ceremony. If the information is incorrect and/or incomplete it will be mailed back to that person. When the information is returned and correct we will mail  the Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate to be used to change Passports, Drivers License, Social Security card to the address on the application. Please use address that you receive mail at currently.

Minnesota Official Marriage System

Minnesota Official Marriage System site is available for research.

Copies of Certified Marriage Certs

If you are in need of a copy of your Marriage Cert and you applied in Grant County, you can contact the Recorders Office and we will inform you as to how to receive a copy.  The cost is $9.00.