Passport Books and Cards require the following:


CALL 218-685-8255 HOURS ARE 8:30-3:00.

 Applications will need to be filled out online PRIOR to coming into the office. Or we can mail you an application form and you will fill out in black ink.

Also, bring with:

  • 1.      You will need 1 check per application and a check for the picture and     application fee.
  • 2.       Current picture ID such as a Driver’s License.
  • 3.       Certified Birth Certificate with a new application. Not the hospital record.
  • 4.       Renewals require your old passport.

For up to date information please visit

For any and all inquiries from applicants about an application you have submitted call 1-877-487-2778. Do not call or email the Recorder’s Office with your questions.


Office fee is $35 per application payable by check or money order or cash to Grant County  Recorder's office.


Passport Books

 We have the applications for applying for a passport book. These cost $130 for adults and $100 for those under 16.  Payable by check or money order to U.S. Department of State. Travel anywhere!

Passport Cards

 Passport cards for adults cost $30 and under age 16 cost $15 for travel by land and sea.

Payable by check or money order to U.S. Department of State.


Under 16

 Under 16 the applicant must be present with both parents and parent's picture ID’s.  First time applicants will need photo ID and Proof of US Citizenship, ( Certified copy of Birth Certificate (Not hospital record), adoption papers), separate checks or money order, application filled in with black ink. 

 The US State Dept. has a published a video to help illustrate the process,  click on following link - US Family Travel Campaign video

Routine Service :      8-11 Weeks

Expedited Service :  5-7 Weeks


 If traveling in less than 12 weeks, you  will need to expedite for additional $60 per application. Or you can visit Passport Agency in Minneapolis Call for an appointment 877-487-2778. You would need US citizenship paper, photo, checks or money orders and proof of travel plans.

Renewal Applications

 Renewal applications available also. If you can answer yes to the questions on the front of the renewal form you may renew yourself with a new picture, check or money order, and the current passport.



You may check for information on line or fill out an application at


Grant County Recorder's office does accept credit or debit cards.