Military Discharge

Filing Your Discharge Record

You should file your military discharge record (i.e.DD214) with the Recorder's Office. This data is considered private information and copies can only be requested by the discharged veteran, a person with tangible interest or by a Veteran Service Officer.


There is no fee to record a discharge or for a certified copy.

Veteran Service Officer

Robert Larson  is the Veteran Service Officer for Grant County residents. You may email or call his office at 218-685-8324 for an appointment or additional veteran service information.

Honor Rewards Program

The Grant County Recorder's Office, in partnership with Fidlar Technologies, is now part of a new service for Veterans, called Honor Rewards.  The Honor Rewards program allows local businesses in Grant County to issue discounts, incentives, etc to show appreciation to our veterans.  For veterans to sign up, they go to, select Grant County and complete the form.  After it is submitted, the veterans will receive an Honor Rewards ID card in about 2-3 weeks.  If the veteran prefers to fill out the form with us, our hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday thru Friday.  This service is free to all veterans. 

Local businesses can participate in the service by using the business sign up link at or by visiting the Grant County Recorder's Office.  The participating businesses will be listed on the Grant County Honor Rewards page, which will be provided to veterans who receive a ID card.  The businesses will receive promotional material like door stickers, posters, and flyers to show their participation.

Contact the Grant County Recorder's Office at 218-685-8255 with questions or the link listed above for information.

Some participating businesses so far:
*Hair Fusion - 10% off products/services
*Spirits Isle - 5% off with cash/check
*Ashby Equity Association - 10% off NAPA Auto Care & 10% off regular priced tires
*A Mane Frame Salon & Boutique/Coffee House - 15% off
*Mohagen's Hardware