Motor Vehicle Transactions

Motor Vehicle Transaction Renewals
Renewals can be done in person or by mail. By mailing directly to our office you are keeping money in Grant County and your registration tabs are sent out promptly. You are supporting Grant County and not St. Paul. 

In Person
Bring in your renewal notices sent from the state with your driver's license, cash or check (we do not accept credit or debit cards). We cannot renew by any other person if they do not present the renewal notice sent from the state. If someone else other than the owner of the vehicle comes in (vehicle is not in their name), we cannot do the renewal without written authorization from the vehicle owner giving the vehicle description, plate number, and who you are authorizing to complete the transaction for you and your signature. If paying by check, the owner needs to send a signed check. 

By Mail
Send either the whole renewal notice or the bottom portion of renewal notice, driver's license number on your check, phone number (in case we have to contact you), and make sure your address is correct, if not, make corrections. If they renewal notice shows a $6 plate fee, please enclose a $3 fee to cover the postage of mailing plates. Mail to:
Grant County License Bureau
10 Second St. NE
Elbow Lake, MN 56531

Please note: We can do most renewals by mail except Farm Class and Y-plated trucks. A truck that is registered in the farm class does not have the registration tax printed on the renewal card, as farm class and some in commercial class, have the option of quarterly registration for an additional $5 fee. 

Registration / Cab Card
For gross weight vehicles, it is referred to as a Cab Card, and needs to be in the vehicle showing the registration and gross weight of the vehicle. Passenger class vehicles it is the registration card and should be kept in the vehicle at all times along with a current insurance card. 

Heavy Use Tax Form
Any truck registered at 57,000 GVW and above, will need to bring in the validated Heavy Use Tax Form (2290) for the current year showing the VIN (serial) number of each vehicle. The HVUT taxable year is July 1 through June 30th annually. The registration will not be renewed without the validated 2290-Heavy Use Tax Form. For more information or to file online, visit the IRS website

Oversize / Overweight Permits
Options for registering vehicles over 80,000 lbs:
  • Can permanently register the vehicle at the higher weight for the full registration period
  • Can permanently register at 80,000 lbs and obtain a temporary weight increase when the higher weight is necessary
Both options require an additional overweight permit not provided by Driver and Vehicle Services (Deputy Registrars). Vehicles will need an overweight permit from Minnesota DOT office if traveling on interstate highways or state trunk highways. Vehicles that are traveling on city, township, or county roads will need an overweight permit from the county. Overweight permits are obtained on the DOT website. For county issuance, visit the Highway Department section of this website. 

Temporary Permits
Temporary weight increases can be issued in 30, 60 or 90 day increments and the temporary weight increases are obtained at the Deputy Registrar Office

Please note: An overweight permit does not increase the vehicles registered gross weight nor does increasing the weight cover the vehicle for the overweight permit. Proof of identity is required for all applicants.