Title Transactions

Applying for a Minnesota Title

Proof of identity is required for all applicants. View a list of acceptable identity documents

Out of State Title: Transfers & Registration

Must present:
  • Out of state title properly signed by all sellers
  • Any liens indicated, need to be released by lending institution / party
  • Date of sale indicated
  • Odometer reading for vehicles up to 10 years and newer and/or for vehicles registered under 16,000 gross vehicle weight and not in passenger class
  • If purchased from a dealer, will need dealer sales contract and any additional documents applicable
  • If paid sales tax to another state, will need an affidavit signed by dealer and yourself verifying the amount of sales tax and the percentage collected that is actual state sales tax
  • Insurance Information(Company Name, Policy #, Expiration Date)
All new owners will need to sign the out-of-state title and the application for a Minnesota title(PS 2000)
Cash or Check(No Credit or Debit Cards)

Minnesota Title Transfers

Will need: 
  • Most recent title issued to owner properly signed off by previous owner(s)
  • Signature of all owners on the front of the title. The only conjunction Minnesota acknowledges is "or" which gives the right of survivorship to the remaining owner with submitting proof of death (certified death certificate, memorial card, or newspaper clipping). If both are living, all owners need to sign off.
  • If a lien is indicated on the Certificate of Title, we will need the lien release with the title.
  • All buyers must sign the certificate of title as buyers, also, indicating if there are any secured interests (bank loan) giving complete information of lending institution such as date of security, name and address of lending institution.
  • If vehicle is 10 years and newer, will need the odometer reading and report of damage indicated on the title.
  • Insurance Information(Company Name, Policy #, Expiration Date)
  • Cash or Check(No Credit or Debit Cards)

Death / Divorce / Power of Attorney Transfers

For transfers involving a death of an owner, in addition to title and any lien releases, and odometer reading, will need proper documentation such as Certified Death Certificate, Memorial Card, Newspaper Obituary,  Certified Probate Court Appointment paper, Form PS 2071 - Not Subject to Probate, signed and signature notarized, depending on the situation.

New Vehicles

The first time there is a title application of a New Vehicle a Manufacture Statement (Certificate) of Origin would be submitted. These vehicles would be purchased through a licensed franchise car dealer. If vehicle was purchased in Minnesota, it is the dealer's obligation to handle the titling, registration and collection of sales tax. The dealer then brings the paperwork to a Deputy Registrar and the Deputy Registrar will issue out the plates / registration to the dealer. If a Minnesota resident purchases from an out of state dealer, that dealer may hand over the MSO to applicant or will contact a Deputy Registrar in Minnesota to complete the transaction. If the out of state dealer collects sales tax, Minnesota applicant will need to obtain an affidavit from the dealer showing the sales tax collected and showing the percentage of state sales tax collected, signed by seller and buyer(s).

New to State Applicants

Bring out of state title with a current registration card and any lien information. If out state title is being held by a lienholder, bring in current registration card, lien information (date of loan, name of lienholder and address). Odometer reading for vehicles 10 years old and newer. Also, will need proper identification such as a valid driver's license, and insurance Information.

Duplicate Titles / Plates / Year Stickers

Record owner must come in and complete an application for Duplicate Title or Duplicate Plates / Stickers with identification. Form can be obtained at the state website.