DNR Recreational Vehicles

Snowmobile, Watercraft, ATV, ORV & Off-Highway Motorcyles
Bring in renewal card sent out from DNR. If you do not have the renewal registration card, only the owner may come in and renew with proper identification (such as a driver's license).

You will need a registration card from previous owner and certificate of title, if one was issued. The vehicles that do not have a certificate of title will need to obtain a proper Bill of Sale assigning the ownership, must have full description of vehicle, serial number, registration number, and signed off by owner(s). If there is a certificate of title for the vehicle, will need the title signed off by previous owners and if any liens are listed, liens released.

New Registrations
Dealers are to complete the first registration and transfer of ownership, collect the sales tax. If a dealer does not transfer / register the vehicle, need to bring Manufacture Statement of Origin on the new vehicle and the sales contract, showing purchase price and if sales tax was collected. 

Please note: Due to date privacy, only the registered owner can do renewals without having the license renewal card from DNR. This includes spouses. Visit the DNS website for more information. There are also manuals in the county license bureau office with complete information.