Truth In Taxation 2023

Sequence of Property Tax Mailings:

  • Property Tax Statements are mailed on or before March 31st.

  • Valuation Notices, affecting the subsequent year’s taxes, are mailed in mid-March.  They are printed on color paper to differentiate from the tax statement.   Valuation notices include the date of your local city/township Board of Appeal & Equalization Meeting to discuss your valuation questions.   That is the meeting to attend if you disagree with the valuation of your property.  If after that meeting you still disagree, you can appeal to the Grant County Board of Commissioners.  The County Board of Appeal & Equalization Meeting if held in June.

  • Parcel specific Truth in Taxation Notices are mailed in November to notify taxpayers of the various budget hearings held by the county, school district and city/township that affect their property.

13 Reasons Your Property Taxes Might Go Up or Down:

  • The market value and/or classification of your property may change.

  • The market value and/or classification of other properties in your taxing district may change, shifting taxes from one property to another.

  • The State of MN General Property Tax may change.

  • The City or Township budget & levy may change.

  • The County budget & levy may change.

  • The School District’s budget & levy may change.

  • A Special District’s budget & levy may change.

  • Special Assessments may be added to your property tax bill.

  • Voters may have approved a school, city/township, county, or special district referendum.

  • Federal and State mandates may have changed.

  • Aid and Revenue from the state and federal governments may have changed.

  • The State Legislature may have changed the portion of the tax base paid by different types of properties.

  • Other State Law changes may adjust the tax base.


Of the 13 reasons your property taxes might go up or down, the County Board has discretion over the COUNTY budget and levy only.

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