How can I tell what city or township my property is in from my PIN?
The first two numbers indicate the jurisdiction (city or township) your property is located in. Following is the key:
01-Delaware Township
02-Elbow lake township
03-Elk Lake Township
04-Erdahl Township
05-Gorton Township
06-Land Township
07-Lawrence Township
08-Lien Township
09-Logan Township
10-Macsville Township
11-North Ottawa Township
12-Pelican Lake Township
13-Pomme De Terre Township
14-Roseville Township
15-Sanford Township
16-Stony Brook Township
17-Ashby City
18-Barrett City
19-Elbow Lake City
20-Herman City
21-Hoffman City
22-Norcross City
23-Wendell City

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15. How can I tell what city or township my property is in from my PIN?
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