Why doesn't the County use the old Hospital building?
In 2013, the County Board had an office space needs assessment of multiple county agencies conducted by Leo A. Daly Architecture(Mpls). As part of this, Daly looked at the old hospital building and assessed what type of space and amount of space needed to fit the meeting room and office space needs of the proposed county offices. Daly also looked at the hospital building in terms of codes needs, asbestos removal, conversion needs and condition of the building. There was a strong desire by the Board not to consider building if we could renovate something within the community.
Unfortunately, based upon these professionally conducted assessments, it became apparent that it would be cost prohibitive to utilize the old hospital building. (See Facility Planning History Chart-Options A thru E)
This decision was also reinforced by the fact that Prairie Ridge built new rather than renovate the old Hospital.
Facility Planning History Chart link

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1. What County offices would be in the new building?
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3. Why doesn't the County use the old Hospital building?
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